Equipment List

The following items are available at no additional charge. Please let us know what items you need so we can make sure they are all in the studio for you upon arrival:

Paloma Shell newborn beanbag

Black and White Stools

White directors chair

White sofa/futon bed

Changing table

Backdrop paper

Apple boxes

Garment racks




Clothing steamer

IS THERE SOMETHING YOU NEED THAT IS NOT ON THE LIST? We have several storage units, as well as another location in cooperation with Evan Brandt. Evan has a wide range of equipment that may be available to rent. Evan Brandt is a traveling documentary videographer. In addition, Evan has a podcast studio and additional studio rental facilities that may be available. ( Contact Ana to discuss your photo/video needs and how we can help. We have several storage units with props and additional equipment.

RENTALS Available

Please ask for rental rates for the following items.

Textured backdrops

Profoto B1 Wireless Lights

Profoto Camera Trigger

65″ white shoot thru umbrella

Profoto small soft box

5n1 Diffuser/Reflector

Pocket Wizard transmitters

Alien Bee Lights

Einstein Lights

Need hair/makeup?

We work with and they can give you estimates for your project.